3 Easy Tools to Name the Theme

A common question from people as they are searching for a theme for their WordPress website is what theme is ____ website using? If you know HTML/CSS it is pretty easy to look at the code and determine what the theme is and where that website got it from. If you don’t know HTML/CSS here are three easy tools that you can use online to quickly discover more about that theme.

WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector Enter the URL of the WordPress website you want to find out more about the theme and this website will give you the details about the theme and occasionally some details about additional plugins on the website. The details for the plugins was not always 100% accurate but the theme detection on the sites I tried was always pretty good.

What WordPress Theme Is That

What WordPress Theme Is That Similar to the WordPress Theme Detector above visit the site, enter URL of a WordPress website and get the theme details. Pretty much the same type of details are returned.

Theme Sniffer

Theme Sniffer This is a little different from the other two. It is a Chrome extension that you can install and get the theme details for WordPress and Joomla based websites. Pretty handy if you are looking up themes all the time and don’t want to visit another site to do it. Just click the button in Chrome and the information is returned.

Now you know how to look up what theme websites are using without having to learn HTML/CSS. Makes it easy if you come across a theme that you really like and would like to download or buy as well.

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