5 Favorite Free Responsive Themes

I get a lot of questions from new clients that are new to WordPress about what theme to choose. For those clients that have limited budgets it is always an interesting discussion because creating a custom theme for WordPress is a rather time consuming and therefore more expensive proposal. While I am always happy to create a custom theme for a client many just starting out just need a basic website and one of the free themes from the WordPress community is all they need to get started. For those people that jsut need a free theme to get started I always recommend that they look at a responsive theme first. That way they get not only a nice looking WordPress website for computers but also a nicer mobile and tablet experience for those visitors that primarily browse the web on their smartphones and tablets.

If you are looking for a free responsive theme for WordPress these are my top 10 favorites. With a little work you can find a nice theme that will help you get your latest WordPress project off the ground quickly.


responsiveAs the name suggests this is a responsive theme and it offers lots of choices for a website or blog to display your content. It is regularly updated and easy for users of all levels. This is often one of the first free responsive themes I suggest people take a look at. While the image makes it look like you need a custom home page you can set it up to not use the custom home page. The colors are also very easy to change and make the theme your own.

Max Magazine

MaxIf you are looking for more of a magazine look then Max Magazine is a great responsive theme to take a look at. It has a beautiful jQuery slider, carousel posts, and can feature up to four categories on homepage. Certainly more suited to a business or news type site, although a personal site could easily use this theme as well.


landscapeIf you are a photographer and want to show off your photos this is a great theme to do that with. Beautiful large images that you can set using featured images or insert images into posts. It is a nice clean theme that really helps show off your images. The amateur photographer clients I have worked with love it.


scherzoI was actually running this on my personal blog for a little while. Nice and clean, easy to read and works great no matter what device you are on. Probably best for a personal blog but could also be good for businesses. The options to have a full size page with no sidebar is great for showing off some larger photos as well.

Book Lite

book-liteAnother great personal blog theme that puts your content up front and center. It looks great on all sizes of devices and has some great typography that makes it easy to read. The image and gallery posts also look great in this theme.

There you have it, my five favorite responsive themes to get you started on your next WordPress project. If you have a favorite free responsive theme feel free to leave a comment or sign up and post in the appropriate forum and let us all know.

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