7 Easy to Use Document Sharing Websites

Sharing information is what the Internet is about. The problem is that not all information is easily made into HTML pages so it can be easily shared. The creation of easy to use content management systems has made it easier for anyone to become a web publisher, but there are still times when it is not easy to put the information you want to share with the world online. Often the problem is because the format the information is in is not easily converted to HTML. Fortunately there are now easier ways to share documents that do not require you to export documents to HTML. Here are some of the easiest ways I have found to share documents on the web.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows people to upload many different formats of documents which you can then share. Speadsheets and Presentations can be embedded into web pages, and word processing documents can be saved as web pages. For example here is a quick document I made just to share with all of you.


Scribd is my favourite way to embed PDF and Word documents online. They support a wide range of document types including:

Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word Files doc, docx Microsoft Powerpoint Files ppt, pptx, pps Microsoft Excel Files xls, xlsx

PDF: PDF pdf, ps

Open Office: Open Office Documents odt, odp, sxw, sxi, etc.

Text: Text Documents txt, rtf

Once the documents are uploaded you can copy and paste the embed code and add the document as a flash reader to your website or blog. Makes it great for people to read that PDF instead of downloading it.


Docstoc is similar to Scribd in many ways. You can upload documents and embed them in your website. Docstoc recently just came out of beta and has also started an AdSense revenue sharing program. This gives people the opportunity to share in the money that is made from their documents that they upload to Docstoc. Check out the video below if you would like to know more.


I just recently came across edocr, and have not much of a chance to try it yet. It looks similar to Scribd as well, but the site appears to cater more to business than to individuals. If anyone has more experience with them leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


SlideShare is my favourite way to embed presentations in a website. Simply upload the presentation and you can then easily copy and paste the embed code to add the presentation to your website to let people click through the slides.


Similar to SlideShare but with more of a focus on business presentations and sharing with other business colleagues.


Is not just a presentation sharing website. They allow you to create your own presentaions online and then embed them into your website using a flash embed.

Those are some of the web services I have found and use to easily embed documents into websites and blogs. As I mentioned I have my favourites, what are yours?

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