AboutUs.org - A Wiki Website for Websites

It never hurts to have one more way for people to find out about you and your business, and that is exactly what AboutUs.org is about. Aboutus.org is a wiki based website that is for business and organizations to help people find out and collaborate and connect with each other.

Aboutus.org is an interesting website and it could not be easier to add your own website to the wiki. Unlike directories where you have to enter in all the information by hand, with Aboutus.org all you need to do is type your domain name into the search box at the top. If your about page already exists you will be taken to it. If your about page does not exist it will automatically be created for you. I recently completed a new website for the RM of Aberdeen and took a quick screencast of Aboutus.org creating their about page. The information is pretty basic, but that is the beauty of a wiki, it is easy for anyone to add and contribute to the wiki page.

I will have to take some time and register to update the lgr.ca AboutUs.org page. Of course if any of my clients have a glowing review that they would like to add you would be welcome to contribute. ;)

Here is a short video from YouTube about AboutUs.org explaining more of what the website is about.

Go and take a look at AboutUs.org and add your website to the wiki. You never know, perhaps your next big client or job will come from them finding you there.

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