Adsense TOS

If you monetize your website(s) with Google Adsense you have probably been asked to agree to another long and tedieus Terms and Conditions agreement again. Of course Google does not do you any favours and give you the parts that they have changed, rather they just go and make you read all of the legal mumbo jumbo again knowing full well that the majority of people do not understand a word they say. Silly Google.

If you want to real lowdown on the new Adsense Terms and Conditions check out Jensense. I have talked about Jensense in the past, but she has done a fantastic job of making sense of the latest changes from Google. Perhaps Google should hire her to write the posts on their weblog detailing that they have changed the Terms and Conditions. Then the changes would make more sense to people.

Thanks to Jensense for making sense of Google’s new Terms and Conditions for Adsense. Go and take a look if you want to understand the latest from Google, then start to work on that Privacy policy that we all need.

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