AGLOCO is Bunk!

I must admit I am in a bit of a vile mood here tonight. I have been struggling with getting a project done and I keep running into problems. To help relax and ease my mind a little I thought I would do some reading, so I went and checked in on some blogs that I read semi-regularly. The first stop was problogger. Going back through the posts I found one that caught my eye. AGLOCO - First Impressions, sounded interesting. Well it did not take me long into the post to realize that it sounded to me like AGLOCO has got to be one of the biggest scams going on the internet right now. Usually problogger discusses good quality programs and has some good advice. I thought it was a little surprising that he was talking about AGLOCO.

Next stop was John Chow, who’s blog I checked out because I had been hearing quite a bit about it since he made The Vancouver Sun. Well, the blog looks good, some good writing, but what do I find? A whole category of posts about AGLOCO! I counted six out of 14 posts that just talked about how many referrals he has. I was almost afraid of what I would find on another blog, so I thought I would check out this AGLOCO myself.

What did I find? I found out several things that I think are important to know about AGLOCO. First it is a reincarnation of AllAdvantage. Anyone remember that company? They were a pay to surf company that went belly up in 2001. Wikipedia states that the reason was due to the dot-com bubble burst and advertiser money disappeared. From what I remember about AllAdvantage (yes I was a member) it really was not about getting paid to surf, but more about referring new members to install the viewbar. I never got paid, I guess I never referred enough members.

Visiting the AGLOCO site, I noticed very quickly in the second paragraph that users have to install a viewbar. Well that sounds familiar doesn’t it? In a world of spyware, malware, and all kinds of other nasties out there they are bringing back a viewbar that sits on the bottom of the users screen. They claim it is not spyware, but spyware companies out there state that their product is not spyware. Perhaps if this company was Google they would have a better chance of people trusting them to install a viewbar. Is anyone out there going to trust this viewbar and what data it collects? What is even more interesting is the page that talks about the viewbar in more detail, tells you that it is not even out yet! This company is recruiting members and having people refer others and their main product/service is not even finished yet? Sounds a little suspicious to me there AGLOCO.

Back to the home page and the third paragraph. Here it is, talk about the referral program. The detail page on the referral program is the standard type of stuff. You refer so many members, and they refer so many members etc. The only good thing I noticed was that it was only 5 levels deep.

I thought I would sign up and give them the benefit of the doubt just to see what the sign up is like and the account center. Perhaps it is not as suspicious as I was thinking/feeling. I had a few problems with their captcha system but once that was taken care of registration and activation went smoothly. Unfortunately the look and emphasis on the account side is all focused on how many people you have referred. The only mention of the viewbar that I can see on the account center is the main menu link for the viewbar. You would think that if the viewbar, which appears to be the main product/service for end users, was so important that they would provide more details on what it does, how it does it and how it is going to benefit the people you refer. If it is there anywhere I did not see it.

I have to say it appears that AGLOCO is nothing but a lot of hot air, and internet hype. For all of you out there hoping to strike it rich surfing the internet I just don’t think it will happen with AGLOCO. Of course I am now an affiliate, so if you want to prove me wrong go right ahead. Here is my affiliate link. I will even go one step further, if I ever actually get paid from them I will donate 2/3 of it to cancer research. Let’s see those full-time bloggers with 6 figure incomes do that, they certainly don’t need the money.

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