Are Spammers Stupid?

Since switching to WordPress the spam comments have gone through the roof. Thank goodness for Akismet, otherwise I would be deleting and removing tons of crap from the comments everyday. I never got that amount of spam when this blog was being published on Blogger. I don’t know if Blogger did its own filtering of spam but I certainly never had this amount.

I really have to wonder about the intelligence of spammers. While I know that the software behind some of the spamming that goes on is incredibly sophisticated, and could possibly be used for some greater good than spamming what I don’t know but I am always hopeful. I have to simply wonder at the stupidity of spammers. If they took as much time to go and build websites that had some substance to them as they do spamming, then they might actually have websites that people would want to visit and link to. Do they honestly think that their comment with hundreds of links are going to be published? Or that their one line “Nice post” or “I did not understand everything in that post” is going to cut it just to get some link juice to websites that people in their right mind would never visit in the first place?

So spammers explain it to me? Tell me why you are not the dumbest people on the planet with all the crap that you try and fill blog comments with. Do spammers allow spamming on their own websites and blogs and how do they feel about it when it happens to them? Is it possible for a spammer to write a comment without pushing their own crappy website down people throats? I suppose it does not really matter the only comments I will get to my answers will probably be long lists of links to bad websites that will never be published.

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