Auction Ads Updates

I did a review of AuctionAds back in June. Since then Shoemoney sold his portion of AuctionAds to Media Whiz, the same company that owns Text Link Ads.

In the month since the sale there has been a flurry of activity it seems from [AuctionAds]( First new web 2.0 style ad formats with nice big bold colors and large borders. I am still not sure how I feel about them. I like the classic style a little better because they fit into the same ad spaces as other ad networks.

Next they have increased the referral payouts from 2% to 5%, for the first six months that after the referral joins AuctionAds. This is good news since the 2% added up to close to nothing. I wish the time line was longer, at least a year (or permanently), but the raise will help publishers make more from referring new publishers.

They have also started giving new publishers a $25.00 bonus just for signing up. This puts people half way to the new payout minimum of $50.00. Publishers that have not had a payout yet also qualify for the bonus so if you have signed up but not gotten a payout yet, check your account, you might have some free money!

Other news includes a new design for the AuctionAds website, several back end improvements that has improved uptime and an overall improvement in the response of ads. Personally I have had some good return from AuctionAds. I like how quickly I can use it to link to products on eBay. I am also a member of Commission Junction and the eBay program there, and I tend to prefer the ads from AuctionAds over the program at Commission Junction, mainly because of the ease of use. It is good to see AuctionAds improving, hopefully they will have some more new ad layouts soon in the Web 2.0 style to give publishers more ways to integrate them into their websites.

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