Aviary - Account and Five Free Invites!

I was not going to post anything today but I just got this great email from Aviary telling me that I now have access to their web-based image editor named Phoenix and to Peacock their pattern generator. Naturally I had to go and check it out.

If you have not heard of Aviary, you need to go and look at their website, or you can read a little more about them from TechCrunch where I heard about them. The image editor is really impressive. It has a similar layout to Photoshop and to be honest I could see myself using it to make quick graphics for clients or if I am away from the office and need to edit and image. I don’t have a lot of time to play with it today. I will probably take a better look at it sometime this week.

If you are wondering what kind of things can be done check out this video I found on YouTube. It is pretty amazing! I don’t think I will create anything that impressive, but it certainly is possible with Aviary.

I also appear to have five free invites to Aviary, so if you would like a free invite leave a comment on this post and I’ll draw five names on Friday for the five free invites.

* Note: Use your name or nick name. Spammy looking comments with keywords stuffed in the name field will be deleted!

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