Background Pattern Generator

Many years ago in a web shop far far away I remember being shown how to create a background that tiled. It did not take me long to be able to create my own in Photoshop. Fast forward to today and you no longer need Photoshop to be able to make a background that will tile nicely on the background of a web page. All you need now is the Background Generator.

An easy to use web generator to create a nice tile able images suitable for web page backgrounds. The site has several easy to use options like the ability to change the opacity of the image, change the background colour and image colour and you can select from five different canvases. It is a nice easy to use web generator.

Here is the simple background image I made quickly using the website. background image

Some of the other options on the website include the ability to create an account and save your backgrounds there and vote on others background creations. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create a background for your website the Background Generator might be just what you are looking for. Go give it a try, at the very least it is fun!

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