Keywords Does Not a Blog Make

Yoda - found at flickr. and even did some keyword research yourself. You want to be famous! You want to be rich and you want to only work a couple hours a day. Congratulations you are going to fail miserably!

Why would I say that? That just sounds mean doesn’t it! That is not why you read this blog. You read Epiblogger to be inspired to be a better blogger. You want me to tell you how to become the next Internet Millionaire blogger! You want me to tell you what keywords you should focus on to make your blog explode on the Internet and make you rich and famous. If you read some of the more popular A-list bloggers you get a sense that if you do your research and find the right niche and the right combinations of keywords that your blog will become the next great blog on the Internet. That is only one small part of what makes great blogs. I am sure you have heard the saying “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is”. The saying holds true for blogging as well. There is no magical keyword formula to mix together that will make your blog an instant success. Keywords will not make you rich, keywords will not make you famous!

There is only one thing that will make the difference between success and failure of your blog and no amount of keyword research will help you. Want to know what it is? Passion! You need to have a passion for your topic. If you have passion your blog will be a success. Will you become the next Internet Millionaire blogger? I can’t predict that, but if you have passion for your topic your blog will become a success. Before sitting down and wasting precious hours doing keyword research, sit down and do one thing, find your passion! That is what you have to write about. You probably have several things you are passionate about, and that is great. After you determine what you are passionate about then sit down and do some of your keyword research and see if you will be able to write enough quality content about your passion to write about it for years to come.

The difference between blogging success and failure is not going to be determined by the amount of keyword research you do. Your blogging success and failure will be determined by the amount of your passion. Don’t let the business of blogging trick you into thinking that keywords will determine your success or failure. Celebrity blogs are very popular, I could start one and I would fail miserably with it. Not because I can’t do keyword research and talk about the latest stupid thing some celebrity did. I can watch and read the news and talk about it as much as the next person. The difference is I could care less what some shallow self-centered celebrity does. I have no passion for a celebrity blog. Everyone has a passion that you can write about. Rhett is a passionate writer, I am a passionate web geek. It makes a great combination here at Epiblogger. Find your passion and you will be able to create a successful blog and with success will come your fame and fortune. Who knows maybe your passion for silly cat pictures will be the next big thing!

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