Blog Marketing off the Internet

Epiblogger mugThere are many ways to market your blog, both on and off the Internet. I think as bloggers we don’t use some of the more traditional marketing methods. Perhaps it is a case of not having any money to create t-shirts or order promotional items or maybe we just don’t think about it.

I was recently in Calgary and we went to the Aggie Days at the Stampede grounds. It was a lot of fun for the kids. There were lots of animals for the kids to pet and things to look at and play on. There was also a whole section of exhibits that were there promoting their various wares. Everything from the ultimate mouse trap to a corn maze that is built every year. The great part of the exhibits were of course the many promotional items the kids were able to pick up. There was a buffalo stress ball, bumper stickers, taste testing of sausage, pens and all kinds of promotional items.

If you can find some money to create and buy some promotional items here are a few ideas you can try.

  • Pens - Every one always needs a pen. Pens as promotional items are a classic. But how do you get them out if you are not showing at a conference or tossing them out in a parade or some other large gathering? You can try talking to a few local businesses and ask if it would be alright to leave some there for people to take. You can always have a supply with you and just leave one behind where ever you go like the bank, coffee shop and restaurant. People always pick up pens and before you know it you will have handed out your supply.
  • Clothing - Become your own billboard. This one does not take a lot of money really. You can create one or two t-shirts, hats, hoodies etc and wear them. Why should you be a billboard for Nike or some other large multinational corporation when you can be a walking billboard for yourself. If you can make a few up give them away as presents to your friends and family.
  • Mugs - People use mugs everyday, why not have your logo on it. This might not have the reach of a t-shirt but people will notice a shiny new mug and a great logo. Most photo finishing stores do photo mugs, travel mugs, and all kinds of interesting items. You don’t need to place an order of 100 to get a custom job done. The place I ordered the Epiblogger mugs from also make water bottles, puzzles and mouse pads.
  • Key Chains - Key chains are a lot like pens, everyone needs one. you could pass them out the same way as passing out pens, just leave one behind everywhere you go.
  • Magnets - I like getting fridge magnets, these could be harder to pass out than pens or key chains, but you could take a supply with you on a walk and simply stick them to lamp posts and mail boxes as you walk. Don’t know how many people would pick them up and you would need a type that could survive the elements a little. Another idea would be to canvas a parking lot and place them on cars. Then people would take them home and put them on their fridge.

I’ll admit the mug in the photo was not meant as a promotional item, but as a nice thing for Rhett and I to have, but there is a place for promoting your blog offline as well as online. These traditional promotional marketing items are good because they work. People need them and use them. Think about how many times you have walked away from somewhere with their pen in your hand. You might have that pen for years and every time you use it you are reminded of that business.

What types of promotion methods can you think of that you could use to help promote your blog off of the Internet?

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