Bloggers Have No Sense of Humour!

Many thanks to Lorelle on WordPress who wrote a great post talking about my ”Bloggers are not Webmasters” and ”Webmasters are not Bloggers” posts. Lorelle on Wordpress is one of the blogs in my feed reader, and I was rather surprised to see her mention my little blog.

One of the side effects of those posts getting some attention is that I have discovered that not only are many bloggers not webmasters, but they also have no sense of humour. The “Bloggers are not Webmasters” post was never meant to be taken very seriously, but considering the number of comments that start or contain the F word, I can only conclude that bloggers have no sense of humour.

I am also surprised by the number of comments that contain the F word. One of the things I often admire about bloggers is their ability to use words to keep me interested in what they are writing. Words are important to them, so I guess I was expecting a blogger to be able to tell me off with something more that a simple F word.

This is another reason to make sure that comment moderation is turned on. I would hate to see those comments make it out to the general public. If you want to tell me off, go right ahead, but use language that is appropriate. The whole world does not need to know you have no sense of humour and that you can’t put more than two words together.

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