Blogging in Reruns

When I was a kid I used to hate watching television in the summer. Looking back that was probably not a bad thing since it got me outside and playing, but the reason I hated watching television during the summer was because all of the shows were reruns. I never understood then that they don’t sit and make televisons shows all year long and that it takes time to create shows. Fast forward to today where I realize it takes time and energy to create content for television, media, and of course blogs. Time is something that has been very precious to me so far this summer. My family and I made it a priority to spend time together during July before making a move to Regina SK. Rhett has recently become a home owner and has been swamped with holidays and work himself.

Recently there have been some highlights for Epiblogger. We made Liz Strauss’ 260 Blogs: 260,000 Thank Yous! Rhett and I would both like to thank Liz for including Epiblogger on her list. There are some great blogs that she showcased. If you want to subscribe to all of the blogs that Liz showcased in a feed reader you can use an OPML file that Barbera Ling put together.

Epiblogger has been open now since January 1st of this year and I thought you might be interested in visiting or revisiting some of the more popular posts that we had over the last 7 months. Of course you are also welcome to browse the archives for some of our other great posts. I am sure this will probably make Rhett grimace, but here are the top ten posts on Epiblogger since we opened our doors to the world:

We will continue our regularly scheduled blogging soon!

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