Website Traffic Tip - Add a Blog

Is one of your goals for the coming year to increase traffic to your website? If it is then here is the one thing you need to do to make that happen, update your website constantly with fresh, new and original content! No problem right? When was the last time you updated your website? Today? Yesterday? Last month? Last year? Want to update your website daily? By adding a blog you can update your website whenever you feel the need to let the world know more about your product, your services, changes in your company, your employee of the month, or whatever you feel like writing about. Blogs have changed how websites are managed, they are faster, easier, get indexed quickly and allow you to have a personal voice. The reasons are clear.

  • No Waiting!

    Traditionally the process to update a website was to gather the information together and then send it off to the person that maintained your website and knew how to code HTML to turn your new content into website pages. With a blog you no longer need to wait for your HTML guru to get around to adding the new content to your website. You can do it yourself. The content can be added as quickly as it takes for you to type it in. Most modern blogging software will take care of the heavy lifting for you like FTPing files up to the server. Modern blogging platforms have made it easy for anyone to manage and update the content on their website. Most blogging platforms allow you to schedule your posts, so you can publish posts and pages even when you are going to be out of the office, on holidays or whenever you want it to go live.

  • Get Found

    Everyone wants their website to rank for number one in the search engines. Search engines love fresh, new and original content. Want to get found by the search engines, then give them what they want and give people new interesting information to read and link to. This will improve your overall rank, get you linked to by other websites and in the long run improve your traffic.

  • Be a Human Being

    Human beings are social creatures. We thrive on social interaction and blogs allow you to interact with people on your website in a whole new way. It can create new conversations and those conversations can take you to new places with new ideas. Blogs also allow you to show some personality. You can use video, audio and photos. You can show your customers that you are a real person.

Still not convinced? Don’t understand what a blog is? Many people think a blog and a website are different things, but a weblog, or blog, is just another form of a website. You can have a blog, a section of your website that is updated regularly, and still have the rest of the pages of your website that are more static. The new LGR Internet Solutions website is a great example. I have pages that are not updated as often, and I have a blog section that I try to update three times a week. The blog section brings in the majority of the visitors to the website, and from there people explore the other pages of the website. They leave comments, send me messages using the contact form and regularly I find new clients who are looking for a new website, want to spruce up their current site or just need a hand with something. Website publishing is not longer the realm of just HTML gurus. Anyone can be their own website publisher.

Why not give it a try? Installing blogging software is easy on many web hosts, and I would bet in as little as four weeks once you start publishing regularly you will have new visitors coming to your website. If you are unsure about installing WordPress I will be glad to give you a hand. In fact I am willing to put my time and money on the line to help you. I will install a WordPress blog on your existing website, using a free theme of your choosing, install the WordPress plugins that are essential, setup a contact form, setup a Feedburner account and get your own WordPress blog up and running for 50% off my current WordPress blog setup fee. My current blog setup fee is $699.00, so you can save $349.50 on your blog setup. Don’t have a website yet, this offer is good for you as well. This offer is good only until the end of January 2009 and I will only be accepting 10 people. Contact me today to get your own WordPress blog setup this Janaury and in four weeks of regular posting you can have more regular visitors and a better website.

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