BritePic - Monetize Your Images

There have been a few things on my to check out list, BritePic happened to be one of them. BritePic is a service offered by AdBrite. I just recently started running some AdBrite ads again and thought this would be a good time to look at BritePic. BritePic is basically a way of making the images on your website more interactive. You can add ads with that as well or you can leave the ads off.

The only way to really describe what BritePic does is to show you. I thought I would show off a photo from our trip to Rouleau Saskatchewan, for Corner Gas fans, otherwise known as Dog River.

Here is the elevator, without BritePic, Dog River Elevator.jpg

and here it is using BritePic.

You can choose whether you want to include the ad or not, I thought I would because I wanted to explore as many features of BritePic as I could. I like the menu option, so people can zoom in on the photo, email to people and even embed it on other sites. Gives the photo the possibility of going viral.

I don’t know if I would use BritePic very often but it certainly is another way to monetize your website.

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