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Disable the W3 Total Cache Footer Comment

Disable the W3 Total Cache Footer Comment

Most of the WordPress/ClassicPress websites I work on use Cloudflare I don’t often have problems with the W3 Total Cache footer comments in the footer. Cloudflare usually just removes them. But recently I was helping a friend with a website that had the W3 Total Cache plugin installed and the footer comments were being inserted. They simply wanted to get rid of them. Thankfully a quick Google search lead me to a WordPress support comment with the solution.

Add the following code to your theme functions file, or a site specific plugin and you can easily turn off the W3 Total Cache footer comments for all visitors to your website.

add_filter( 'w3tc_can_print_comment', function( $w3tc_setting ) { return false; }, 10, 1 );

Get Serious or Go Home!

Get Serious or Go Home!

One of the pieces of advice I usually give people about their website is to take it seriously. Think about it, your website is the public face of your business to the world if you don’t take it seriously then why would anyone else take you seriously. It can be hard to take your website… Continue Reading

Hitler Finds Out Blogger FTP Service is Ending

I do not post the Hitler videos very often, but thanks to Blogger Shutting Down FTP Service Erik Aronesty left a comment telling us about his script to keep using Blogger with FTP. I have not tried the script out but it looks interesting. If you are being afected by Bloggers decision to close FTP… Continue Reading

Blogger Shutting Down FTP Service

It seems like a long time since I logged into to update a powered blog. was the only service I knew of that offered FTP publishing. FTP publishing was a great way to publish a powered blog to your own domain name, before they started offering custom domains. Soon I will… Continue Reading

The Future of Blogging

Way back in July I open the doors up for people’s webmaster and blogging questions. August was just a bit of a blur between holidays and projects and I have not finished answering all of the questions. I thought kicking off September with the question from Rhett would be a good start to the fall.… Continue Reading

Comment Policy

by freezelight I have been pretty relaxed about comments here, even after attempting to make a comment policy back in 2007. I have had any number of comment bots coming and spamming the blog with automated comment spam. By using my own home grown spam bot solution and then later using WP-SpamFree I have been… Continue Reading

The Perfect Blog Post Size

A while ago I complained on Twitter that I was seeing a lot of posts on blogs that are 25 of this or top 50 of that. You know the regular giant list posts. There are some blogs that is all they do and while I do subscribe to some blogs that create these giant… Continue Reading

Website Traffic Tip – Add a Blog

Is one of your goals for the coming year to increase traffic to your website? If it is then here is the one thing you need to do to make that happen, update your website constantly with fresh, new and original content! No problem right? When was the last time you updated your website? Today?… Continue Reading

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