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Closed for Holidays!

As it turns out Rhett and I both ended up scheduling holidays for the same week here in July. If you read most of the tops bloggers on blogging they will tell you that you should keep a consistent post schedule and if you go on holidays you should arrange for guest posts or have… Continue Reading

Blogging is About Relationships

One of the things I like best about blogging is the connections and relationships that you make by participating in blogs. That is one of the main reasons I started blogging to begin with, I wanted to make connections and learn from others. It can be easy to become discouraged when you run a blog,… Continue Reading

Reasons Not to Blog

Here at Epiblogger I hope we encourage you to blog. We want you to share your stories, your interests, your unique point of view. I spent a lot of time reading blogs over the last weekend and I realized that there are times when we all have to admit that perhaps we should not start… Continue Reading

Can Blogging Hurt?

I started blogging here for several reasons and for the most part it has been positive for my business. It has connected me with my clients, helped me find new clients and been a way for me to learn from others. I try to post useful and positive things to help people, that is not… Continue Reading

Blogging with Google Maps

I am a big fan of Google Maps and use it regularly for finding directions, finding addresses for places and just for fun. I also like to add Google Maps to websites. There are so many uses for them from showing people the location of a business to highlighting your trip and photos. Perhaps that… Continue Reading

New WordPress Theme Available

I have had this theme for a little while and intended to use it for a project I was planning. Unfortunately that project has been shelved indefinitely. Since I don’t think I have an immediate need for the theme I thought I would offer it for people to download and use. The theme is called… Continue Reading

Jott Blogging

Wouldn’t it be great if you could update your blog or Twitter or any number of web services you use everyday simply by talking into your phone. Well, now you can with Jott not only can you update sites like Twitter and your blog you can use Jott to send e-mails and reminders to yourself.… Continue Reading

The Blogging Wall

Well it has officially been more than a week since Rhett or I have posted on Epiblogger. Not that we have not intended to post. There are several posts from both Rhett and I sitting in the drafts folder in various states of completion. Epiblogger opened on January 1st, 2008 and after five months I… Continue Reading

Blog Spring Cleaning

It was a long winter here in Saskatchewan, and it seemed like it took forever for the snow to disappear. Then when it did finally melt it keep coming back with a snow storm here and there. Almost like it was just not quite ready to leave yet. But spring has finally come and there… Continue Reading

The Taxman or A Taxman?

I am glad to say that I have finally finished and filed my taxes for 2007. I have been self-employed for just over 4 years now and the one thing I dislike the most about being self-employed is doing taxes. It always feels like I have just been kicked in the crotch and I am… Continue Reading