The Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan Relaunched

A Reason to Hope. The Means to CopeThere comes a time in all organizations when you need to look at the website and how it serves the organization. I have been pleased to help the The Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan for many years with their website needs and when they came to me for a redo of their website I was excited to be a part of their new project. When I first started working with the Schizophrenia Society I helped them move their website from another host into WordPress being hosting on my dedicated iWeb server that I reserve just for clients. At the time they needed a basic setup and used a free theme available from WordPress. That site served them well for the years they had it. They were able to post new and upcoming information but like all things there comes a time when change is needed.

Change in this case meant a few things.

  1. Having a design that matched more with the branding of the organization.
  2. Making it easier for the organization to update and deliver content and resources on the website.
  3. Being available on more devices than just a desktop computer.
  4. Emphasizing their social media efforts.

Mobile VersionTo accomplish these goals LGR Internet Solutions worked with the organization to create a design to help portray the uniqueness of the Saskatchewan Society while still blending in nicely with the other organizations across the country. The site structure was updated to help the society better manage their information and allow for easier distribution of their educational resources. The site also features links to all of the Schizophrenia Societies social media channels and is desktop and mobile friendly taking advantage of responsive design.

To accomplish this LGR Internet Solutions kept their website in WordPress so they could easily update their content but created a new custom theme based on the Headway Theme Framework to allow for a beautiful responsive design. The website also takes advantage of several WordPress plugins to improve website load times while still being friendly for the organization to manage their website.

It has been a pleasure working with The Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan and I look forward to helping them in the future with their website design and hosting needs.

Saskatchewan Classifieds

SaskSaver.caThere are lots of websites out there offering free local classified ads. Craigslist, Kijiji, even UsedRegina but all of them are missing one vital ingredient. None of them are actually based in Saskatchewan. Craigslist started in San Fransisco and expanded. Kijiji is owned by Internet auction giant eBay and UsedRegina is part of the UsedEverything network based out of Victoria.

It is time for Saskatchewan to have it own locally owned and ran classifieds service and LGR Internet Solutions is proud to present is not only owned and operated in Saskatchewan it allows you to list your used items in hundreds of available categories and in the closet community to you. You can easily browse ads in you local community and list your items for sale so people near you can find them. The site offers the ability to list items in 17 local communities, not just Regina, Saskatoon and a few other major centres. Live close to Melfort then you want people from Melfort to see your listings. In La Ronge, then list in La Ronge.

The best part is all listings on are FREE! There are no hidden fees and no extra costs. You list and we help promote your sale on the sites Twitter account and Faecbook fan page. All ads are eligible to be posted on our social media feeds FREE. Other services charge you a small fortune to be listed on their social media, like they are doing you a favour.

If you have a number of items to list, we can help you post all of them at once instead of doing one at a time. All we need is a spreadsheet of your items and we can do the rest. Listing are free but there is a small charge to process the spreadsheet file.

There are currently two listing packages available, a 30 day listing and a 60 day listing. The reality is some items take longer to sell and need to be online longer than 30 days. Instead of us emailing your regularly to renew your ad you can cut down on the clutter in your email inbox and just select the 60 day option knowing that you won’t hear from us until your ad is close to expiry.

Come and check out, your truly local Saskatchewan classifieds website!

Do Bugs Need Drugs Redesign Project Launched!

Do Bugs Need Drugs Website Redesign
You might be wondering what has been keeping me so busy that I have not been around to post much here at the LGR Internet Solutions blog. Well let me show you, the Do Bugs Need Drugs (DBND) English and French websites recently were redesigned from top to bottom and after many months of work have been launched.

Perhaps some history on the website would be helpful. The site was previously all hand coded in HTML and roughly three years ago under went a slight upgrade to remove the table based design. Over the years the site had grown to the point that the current design and overall structure needed to be looked at. After a meeting and several phone calls a new site structure was ironed out and a design slowly came into existence. The original website was an orange colour so the move to a new purple color was a dramatic shift in look for the website.

Since the website was being redone it was decided it would be a good idea to move the site into WordPress to allow them to be able to edit and create their own pages on the website. Previously if there were any changes to the site they needed to call me to fix even the smallest typos. Now with the site being in WordPress they can simply login and edit the content as they need. This is true of both the English and the French versions of the website.

Aside from the website now being powered by WordPress the design was created using the Headway Theme framework. This made it easy to create the custom look for each individual section as well as add in our own custom CSS. The French version of the website actually pulls in the CSS from the English site and then with only minor CSS edits to accommodate some longer French phrases was created fairly quickly. This helps to maintain a consistent look and feel between the English and French websites while making it easy to adjust the design and layout.

Along with WordPress the websites also take advantage of a content delivery network from MaxCDN to help improve the load time. Javascript, CSS, images and most importantly the videos are distributed using the CDN. This has made a dramatic decrease in the load time of the website.

I have had the pleasure of working with Do Bugs Need Drugs off and on for close to 10 years and was pleased to help them with this current version of their website. I hope you will find it useful and the information is very informative. Many thanks to the team at Do Bugs Need Drugs and I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Expert Auto Glass

Expert Auto GlassSummer has been going by so fast it has been hard to keep up with writing here. Between working on projects and enjoying time with family. One of the projects I have been working on is a website for a Regina Auto Glass company called Expert Auto Glass. They are a new auto glass repair and replacement company here in Regina and it was fun to put together their website for them this summer.

Their site features a nice clean look that is easy to read. We also feature their recently made television commercial on the home page of the site. There website is also mobile browser friendly, so if you are out driving around and you get a stone chip you can easily navigate the website and find their location to get your stone chip repair quickly by their staff.

Check out Expert Auto Glass for all of your glass repair and replacement here in Regina. Of course if your local Regina business needs a web presence get in touch with me and I will be happy to help.

The Saskatchewan Valley News Launches

The Saskatchewan Valley News
The Saskatchewan Valley News
I am happy to announce that The Saskatchewan Valley News website has been launched to the public. The design of the site was inspired by the paper version of the weekly newspaper to provide a consistent look between the print version of the paper and the electronic version.

The website itself is powered by WordPress and allows The Saskatchewan Valley News staff to add new content weekly, edit existing pages and manage user subscriptions. The website also uses the Your Members Membership Wordpress plugin by Cambridge New Media Services. The Your Members plugin allows The Saskatchewan Valley News to sell yearly subscriptions to readers using PayPal as the payment gateway. Members also have the option to purchase single copies of the newspaper every week.

The newspaper archive features PDF versions of the weekly newspaper for all of 2009. Paid subscribers can access all of the newspaper archive. Trial members can purchase the latest weekly issue and have access until the next issue comes out. Yearly subscriptions for the electronic version of the weekly newspaper are only $31.00/year and is a saving for those people that subscribe to the paper that live outside of the local area now. There is also the added benefit that delivery of the electronic version of the paper is as fast as a click to download the newest issue. No more waiting for Canada Post to deliver the paper a week after the publication date.

If you currently subscribe to the paper version of The Saskatchewan Valley News you can gain access to the electronic version as well. Contact the paper through email with your current subscription information and your account will be setup. It has been great working with the staff of The Saskatchewan Valley News to create their website. I look forward to working with them to add new features to the website and helping them make their website a success.

Don’t forget to check out The Saskatchewan Valley News website.

Ontario Mortgage Online

Ontario Mortgage OnlineIt has been awhile since I blogged about any of my clients so I thought it was about time that I highlighted one of my more recent web projects. Ontario Mortgage Online is one of my most recent web projects for Kimberly Lefebvre who is a mortgage broker in Ontario. When she got in touch with me about creating a new website and blog for her to help her promote her mortgage broker business in Ontario I was excited about the prospect of helping her with her project.

The site itself runs on WordPress and allows Kimberly to update the content of the pages easily. She is also able to run the blog herself and post new and interesting articles about buying houses, arranging your mortgage and the latest news in the housing and mortgage market in Ontario.

The domain name was chosen to highlight Kimberly’s service area. She specializes in arranging mortgages in Ontario so if you are in the market for renewing or a new mortgage in Ontario, particularly in the Toronto area Kimberly would be glad to give you a hand. Having recently bought and sold a house and moved it is fresh in my mind how stressful it can be trying to find just the right house and arrange for a new mortgage and a mortgage broker can really help to let you concentrate on the many other details that need to be taken care of.

It has been a pleasure working with Kimberly on her website and blog and I look forward to working with her by giving her some search engine optimization tips, regular blog maintenance and watching as her site grows.

Calow Networks

I don’t talk about my clients very often, but I recently finished doing a site upgrade for my friends over at Calow Networks and I wanted to write a little post about them. I have hired Calow Networks in the past to install networks and they do an outstanding job. The work is always done quickly, and more importantly done well. If you run a business and need network cabling installed Calow Networks should be the only number you call.

Redoing their website was a pleasure! Their original website was all done in flash. It looked not to bad, but it did not do so great in the search engines. Since we have updated the site to a tableless, CSS based design the search engines have been busy indexing the website and traffic has already been more steady. Google Analytics has also been installed so we can see how the site is doing better. There web hosts statistics program was less that stellar. It will be interesting to see how the site evolves over time.

I enjoy working with all of my clients and it was a pleasure to redo the Calow Networks website. If you live in or around Saskatoon and need some networking done or any other the other services they offer like a home theatre or whole home audio installed Calow Networks are the people you need to talk to. Ask for Mike and tell him Lee sent you.

Calow Networks