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My Google Wish List

I use several of Google’s applications everyday and there are some things that I with they would add. So in no particular order here is my wishlist of things I would like to see added/changed in Google for 2009. Export Data into Google Docs I like Google Docs. It makes it easy to have the… Continue Reading

Google Friend Connect Canvas

I have been visiting a few Google Friend Connect websites and have noticed an interesting trend. No one seems to want to edit the canvas.html file to display the correct site name. To be fair it does not say much on the Friend Connect website about the file just “This file can be edited to… Continue Reading

Google Friend Connect Needs OpenSocial Gadgets

Google Friend Connect was opened up to the world in early December and I have finally gotten a chance to take a look at what it offers. According to the Google Friend Connect website Friend Connect has three advantages to offer website owners. Enrich your site Choose engaging social features from a catalog of gadgets… Continue Reading

Add a Google Website Search

One of the things I have had on my to do list was to replace the WordPress search with the Google Custom search. The WordPress search gives decent search results, but it is hard to compete with the accuracy of Google website search. I was reminded about that today when I was searching for a… Continue Reading

Google Analytics New Features

If you use Google Analytics for you web statistics you might have noticed a slight change in the look of the site recently. While that change is nice take a look at these videos about some of the major changes that are coming! I can’t wait to see the Adsense integration with the reports. That… Continue Reading

Use Google Alerts to Help Build Links

I talked a little while ago about how link building is dead. The whole point of the post was that the method some people and businesses go about building links is, to be blunt, stupid. Shortly after I created that post there was a great post over at SearchEngineLand entitled “Conversation With An Idiot Link… Continue Reading

Google Chrome – Released, First Impressions

Google Chrome web browser has been released to the world now and I just could not help but download it and install it to see how it looks and works. My first impressions are that it installed quickly and runs fast. The install was smooth. Chrome even imported all of my bookmarks and some other… Continue Reading

Google Chrome – Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

I first read about this project over at Google Blogoscoped. Apparently they sent a comic book in the mail talking about Google Chrome, Google’s Web Browser project. Google’s official blog now has a post on the project. Looks like they sent out a copy of the comic book early. TechCrunch has a story on the… Continue Reading

Google Opens Knol to Everyone

Google has announced on the official Google blog that Knol has been opened up for everyone. Knol is Google’s version of Wikipedia and Squidoo mashed up together. You can create a Knol on a variety of topics much like a Squidoo Lens. You can also collaborate with others to help build a Knol making it… Continue Reading