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Social Media Icon Set

I was doing some work and needed some social media icons to help promote a websites Twitter and Facebook page so a quick Google search quickly had me at the Social Network Icon Pack by Komodo Media. An excellent social media icon set that is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Check out this screenshot of these great icons! I only used three but if you need any social media icons take a look at this collection.

Thanks for the great icon set!

Like Squidoo

I was chatting with Rhett the other day about Squidoo, and to my surprise he had not heard of it, or at least he had not really checked it out. Squidoo is an interesting service where you can create a single web page, called a lens, to talk about a topic. I currently maintain a… Continue Reading

Around the Web

It has been a busy week trying to sort out the errors with a Mozy online backup install, doing updates to websites for clients and working on some new sites as well. I did put up one website/blog this past week and I will have a post about it next week most likely. In between… Continue Reading

History of the Internet

I have always enjoyed learning about history, so when I came across this video showing the history of the Internet I had to watch. I find it interesting how much of what we take for granted today appears to have been built because of fear. Fear of a missile gap, fear of a missile attack,… Continue Reading

Firefox 3 and FireNES

I got back from vacation a few days ago and it is always a little hard to get right back to work after a holiday. I found my mind kept wandering during the day and I ended up playing with Firefox 3 a little more. I have been using it in beta since I upgraded… Continue Reading

FireFox 3 Released

I am sure many of you have probably already heard that Firefox 3 has now been released and is available for download. If for some reason you are still using Internet Explorer this is your chance to upgrade to a better, faster and more secure web browser. I won’t go into all the long details… Continue Reading

Mixwit – Mix Tapes Make a Comeback

I admit I grew up when making mix tapes was a common thing. Compact did not exist until I was in grade eleven or twelve. To be cool you had a loud car stereo and you made your own mix tapes. I suppose things have not changed to much, except now kids make mp3 mixes… Continue Reading

Face in Hole

Thought I would post something fun today, since life can’t be all about work all the time right? Came across a website yesterday called Face in Hole. They give you the chance to put your face, or the face of who ever you want I suppose, in a variety of pictures. I wanted to try… Continue Reading