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Domain Name Giveaway!

I was looking through my list of domain names and have come to the conclusion that I will never develop into a website. I currently have the domain parked over at Namedrive, and while it has brought in the odd click I think I would rather give it to a new owner, someone that… Continue Reading

Word of Mouth Marketing Still Relevant?

There was a post over on Pronet Advertising earlier in September that has stuck in my head for a little while now. The post was titled Social Media is the New Word-of-Mouth. Perhaps what caught my attention about the post was how narrow minded the post was about word of mouth advertising. Fact of the… Continue Reading

How To Lower Your Alexa Rank

I have been doing a lot of reading about Alexa rank lately, and I was curious how I might be able to lower my Alexa ranking. While most webmasters would probably agree that the Alexa ranking is not very accurate, it does play a role in how some websites are valued. A good example is… Continue Reading

Blog Rush – Consider This

Every blog I visited last night and today, including Shoemoney, Dosh Dosh, Andy Beal at Marketing Pilgrim and John Chow, had something written about Blog Rush. What is it? Blog Rush is a new javascript widget that you can place on your blog to display the latest headlines from other blogs that are in the… Continue Reading

Social Bookmarking in Plain English

A great video on how to use is one of my favourite social bookmarking sites. A common problem with and other sites that rely on tags is the lack of any kind of controlled vocabulary for tags. I don’t have a degree in library science but I have that problem just on… Continue Reading

Reviews for Backlinks – Valuable or Worthless?

A popular thing for blogs to do these days is to run a review for backlinks program. Usually the programs run something like this: review the blog running the program and get a backlink from that blog to your review. The selling point for these reviews is that the blog doing the review will get… Continue Reading