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Goodbye Epiblogger

It was just over a year ago when Rhett and I launched Epiblogger. We had high hopes of changing blogging for the better by calling bloggers back to being better bloggers by being organic and personal. With the start of 2009 Rhett and I have decided to close Epiblogger and move our posts to our… Continue Reading

Internet Goals for 2009

It is that time of the year again when people start to look back at the year and to look forward to setting new goals for the coming year. 2008 for LGR Internet Solutions has been a good one in many respects. Work has been rewarding, new clients continue to come in on a regular… Continue Reading

Interview on BloggerTalks

Last week I noticed on Twitter that Jeffro was looking for some bloggers to interview for BloggerTalks. Jeff and I finally connected on Skype yesterday and had an interesting conversation about blogging, the difference between a website and a blog, and a few other tidbits. The interview was published today. If you have a few… Continue Reading

LGR Internet Solutions Launches

Well it is official, I have now started operating as LGR Internet Solutions. With the move to Regina I wanted to shift the focus of my business from doing computer hardware and software support as well as Internet development to an Internet development company focusing on web and blog consulting and development. I thought it… Continue Reading

Big News Delayed

I was hoping to announce my big news today but unfortunately I have to postpone my announcement due to several factors. One was my almost three year old daughter having an accident over the weekend. She fell and damaged her two bottom teeth. A trip to emergency, the dentist and an oral surgeon all took… Continue Reading

Changes are Coming!

Things are finally settling down after the move and there are some big changes coming for LGR Computer Enterprises and this blog. More details will be coming in the next few weeks, but to start with here on the blog you might have noticed that the Entrecard widget and the Project Wonderful ad box are… Continue Reading

Sasktel, Packing, Moving and Top Ten

It has been a very hectic week here getting ready for the move to Regina. Not a lot of extra time to post on the blog. Not only have I been busy packing but Sasktel my Internet provider apparently cut my Internet service off 11 days early. After trying to call their technical support when… Continue Reading

Epiblogger Valentines Giveaway – Winner!

The Epiblogger Valentines Giveaway was fun! We had a total of seven entries, so they odds of winning were pretty good. Taking the list of entries and putting the list into the lucky winner turned out to be gautam who runs a blog called “Monetizeyoursite“. Congratulations to gautam! The Entrecard credits have already be… Continue Reading