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Joe the Plumber and Link Building

I don’t follow a lot of politics. I have enough trouble following the politics in Canada but when an opportunity comes along like the one created by all the talk of Joe the Plumber in the race for the United States Presidency I take notice. Perhaps what made me take notice more is a post… Continue Reading

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Use Google Alerts to Help Build Links

I talked a little while ago about how link building is dead. The whole point of the post was that the method some people and businesses go about building links is, to be blunt, stupid. Shortly after I created that post there was a great post over at SearchEngineLand entitled “Conversation With An Idiot Link… Continue Reading

Link Building is Dead

In my last post I talked a little about SEO companies in Regina, or the lack thereof, and Marshal Finch left a comment basically saying there are no dedicated SEO companies in Regina. The best part about Marshal leaving that comment was that I went and visited his website and blog and I found this… Continue Reading

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SEO Secrets

I have a friend doing some search engine optimization on a website and we have had several conversations about the job. I have looked at the website and I thought I would share with you the secrets I told him after looking at the website about how to help it rank in the search engines… Continue Reading

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SEO vs. Social Media vs. Referrals

I was looking through Google Analytics for this blog the other day and I was amazed at the number of visitors I get to this blog from the search engines versus how many visits I get from social media and from referrals from other sites. It might not come as a surprise that the majority… Continue Reading

Joomla Search Friendly URLs

I thought I would continue talking about Joomla since they have now released version 1.5. Joomla is a great system and offers a great framework to build a website on. If you want to create a community based website where people can message each other, Joomla can do that. If you want to create a… Continue Reading

SEO Videos

Some days it is just easier to sit and listen to a podcast or watch a video. If you are interested in SEO you have probably heard of Aaron Wall. He is the author of the SEOBook. The only ebook I would actually recommend to read if you are a webmaster and want to improve… Continue Reading

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5 WordPress Search Engine Essentials

One of the things we want to do here at Epiblogger is focus on ideas and tips for bloggers to make blogging easier and more fun. I come to blogging from a very different perspective than Rhett. I consider myself a webmaster, not a blogger, I enjoy sitting and coding websites from scratch and there… Continue Reading

Problogger Interviews Aaron Wall

If you have been building websites for a little while you have probably heard of Aaron Wall. He wrote a popular search engine optimization book called, appropriately enough, SEOBook. If you are interested in SEO at all I would recommend reading through Aaron’s ebook. It is the only ebook I have bought that was actually… Continue Reading

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