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Whitehat SEO Tips for Bloggers

This video has Matt Cutt’s doing a presentation at WordCamp 2007 with search engine optimization tips for bloggers. It is a long video, just over 1 hour in length so you might want to just put the headphones on and let it play while you are working on something else. There is a lot of… Continue Reading

Make Your Wordpress Blog Search Engine Friendly

I stopped by this morning and he had a link to this search engine optimization how to video for Wordpress from Graywolf’s SEO Blog. There are some very good tips in the video, not just for Wordpress, but you can easily use some of them for Blogger and for non-blog websites as well. Duplicate… Continue Reading

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.html Versus .php for SEO

I was asked the other day if search engines favor a .html file extension versus a .php file extension? The answer I gave the client was no, it makes no difference, search engines will index pages with both file extensions the same, but there are some things that can make a difference. If you are… Continue Reading

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SEO Friendly Directories

There are a great deal of directories out there. How do you know which ones are worth submitting your website to and which ones are not worth your time. If your goal is to increase the number of links back to your website, and possibly your PageRank, you should look for SEO friendly directories. SEO… Continue Reading

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WWW or Not: That is the Question?

Most people don’t realize that there website can found by using both and Why is this important? The search engines will index both the www site and the non-www site, providing the search engine an identical set of pages which could lead to a penalty. While most search engines will eventually sort this… Continue Reading

Simple SEO for Everyone

The world of search engine optimization is huge and depending on what you read the messages can be very different. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to do some of the things that professional SEO’s do. Here are some things that you can do to help improve your websites ranking in search engines.… Continue Reading

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A Beginners Guide to Google Pagerank

In my work as a web developer and lately as an SEO I am going over the basics of PageRank with clients on a regular basis. I thought I would put some of the usual things that I tell them here for others to read and as a resource that I can give to my… Continue Reading