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Save Time in Social Media

I hate doing things twice. Call me lazy but it seems silly to have to do the same thing more than once and I think that goes for social media as well. Think about it, how much time do you spend doing the exact same thing on social media. For example, you write a new blog post so then you go to Twitter and promote tweet it, you go to Facebook and share it, you go to LinkedIn and share it and don’t forget about Google+. How much time did all of that take? To much and you just did the exact same thing on almost every social media account. Sure if you have nothing else to do go ahead, but there is a better way.

If you want to save time and only do things once like, promoting a blog post, take a look at IFTTT (If This Then That). It is a service that will change how you work. Not only can you use it to help automate your social media accounts you can use it do some amazing things like add a file to Google Drive when you add it to Dropbox or you could even go so far as archiving your Google+ posts to you WordPress blog.

While there are endless possibilities how you can use IFTTT automating your social media is one possible time saving that it can perform for you. Think about how much time you will save by just having to post one social media post and have it published on all of the accounts you want it published too. You just saved enough time to start writing that next blog post or creating that next website.

While I am still exploring the best way to publish to my social media accounts my research so far looks like it is best to start with posting on Google+ and having that pushed out to your other accounts. Part of the reason is because Google has yet to open up a good way to post to Google+ from anywhere else. While Google+ is not yet my preferred social media account, it is quickly growing on me and if I can easily post to my other accounts then I am willing to spend more time there.

Now there are those social media experts that will tell you this is a bad idea, your engagement with your audience will go down on the other social media services. I am not saying you should abandon your social media accounts, you still need to monitor your Twitter account or Facebook page to engage with your readers, but there is no need to spend all your time posting new information to all of them.

Do you use IFTTT? What are your favourite recipes to automate your daily tasks?

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