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Digg Ads Open Without Clicking

I am not a huge fan of Digg and now I have one more reason to not bother going to the website today. I stopped over at Digg because I remembered seeing a link to a post that I wanted to visit again. All was going fine until I moved my mouse over the ad… Continue Reading

Twitter Noise, Noise, Noise

As you get more and more followers and follow more people on Twitter the problem that many users start to face is the level of noise from all of the tweets that they have coming at them. If you have started to reach a level on Twitter where the noise is starting to get to… Continue Reading

SocialToo Now Policing Twitter

Who’s job is it to police Twitter? Twitter? The users? Lately there has been a trend calling for the end of automatic direct messages. By using a service, such as Tweet Later, people can setup their account to automatically send a direct message to new followers. While I do not personally use the automatic direct… Continue Reading

Automate Twitter

It seems like everyone is talking about Twitter. It appears that Twitter is becoming more mainstream. You can even find CBC News on Twitter. Have you ever wondered how some of those people manage to have 10,000 plus followers and how did they follow that many people in return? Well one of the ways to… Continue Reading

Google Friend Connect Canvas

I have been visiting a few Google Friend Connect websites and have noticed an interesting trend. No one seems to want to edit the canvas.html file to display the correct site name. To be fair it does not say much on the Friend Connect website about the file just “This file can be edited to… Continue Reading

Google Friend Connect Needs OpenSocial Gadgets

Google Friend Connect was opened up to the world in early December and I have finally gotten a chance to take a look at what it offers. According to the Google Friend Connect website Friend Connect has three advantages to offer website owners. Enrich your site Choose engaging social features from a catalog of gadgets… Continue Reading

Twitter Toys

I have been using Twitter for a while now and have found it to be a lot of fun to use. Not only is it a great way to connect with people, it has also been a great resource to get people’s opinions and suggestions. Using Twitter does not have to be all work though… Continue Reading

More Microblogging! Plurk It?

It is hard to keep up with all of the new social media sites that keep popping up. A little while ago Friendfeed started to get a lot of attention. In the last few days a new site called Plurk has been the centre of attention. Aside from another goofy name, Plurk is another microblogging… Continue Reading

Twitter Toolkit

Twitter is everywhere these days, and I was sceptical at first but I have become a fan. It becomes a great tool to use to find out information from various sources. For example, today I have been considering ordering some business cards. I have not had any for awhile and thought I would ask people… Continue Reading