Forums – A Quick User Guide

I remember the days of the local bulletin board systems and dialing in to take part in the conversations. Bulletin board systems are the precursors of the modern internet forums. The earliest forums date back to 1996. Today web forums are the most active and alive forms of social media you can find.blank1.gif

To have a good experience and get the most out of web forums there are some very basic things you should remember.

  • Read the rules of the forum. Every forum is different and has different rules. Some allow you to have signatures with links on your posts, some don’t. Some allow you to advertise your services other forums don’t. I have been guilty of not reading to rules and having posts deleted.
  • Be respectful. This can be difficult when others post viewpoints that differ from your own, but remember that everyone there is there to share, learn and take part. Most forums also request that foul language not be used.
  • Don’t spam. I should not even have to say this. No one likes it and it will just get you banned.
  • Write clear and complete sentences. Forums are not chat rooms. Questions and answers are much easier to understand when they are written out with no short hand.
  • Use the search feature. The search box is there for a reason. Always try searching for your answer before asking.


By following a few simple rules forums can be a great place to learn, discuss and discover new things that you are interested in. There are forums on all kinds of topics and you are sure to find one that interests you.

The Really Big List of Social Bookmarking Websites

blank1.gifI finally completed the really big list of social bookmarking websites. The list is specifically for social bookmarking sites, so social news aggregation websites, like Digg and Reddit, have been left off and will be on the next list I am working on, the really big list of social news aggregation websites.

There is a large and diverse range of social bookmarking sites and the list spans many different genres of bookmarking. If you are looking for new ways to get the word out about your website or wanting to find a new social bookmarking service to try take a look through the list.

If you find a broken link, or the site is no longer a social bookmarking website please leave a comment so the list can be corrected.

  1. 30daytags
  2. A1-Webmarks
  3. Aboogy
  5. Backflip
  9. BlogHop
  12. BlogMemes
  13. BlogPulse
  14. Blue Dot
  15. Blue Smiley Organizer
  18. Bookkit
  19. Bookmark Buddy
  20. Bookmark Commando
  21. Bookmark Magic
  22. Bookmark Manager
  23. Bookmark Tracker
  26. butterfly
  28. CiteULike
  30. clipfire
  32. Collatodo
  33. Complore
  40. Dog Ear
  41. Dutch Social Bookmarking site
  42. EasyBM
  43. Faves
  44. FavoBox
  46. Feed Me Links
  47. Feedmarker
  48. Finety
  52. Gibeo
  53. GiveALink
  54. GlobusPort
  55. Google Bookmarks
  56. Google Notebook
  57. H2O Playlist
  58. Hot Links
  59. HydraLinks
  62. iFaves
  64. LibraryThing
  66. Link2Mark
  67. linkaGoGo
  68. linkfilter
  71. Linux Bookmarks (LQ)
  72. Listible
  73. ListMixer
  74. LiveFavorites
  75. Lookmarks (beta)
  77. MarkaBoo
  78. memestreams
  79. memFrag
  81. Mobleo
  82. MURL
  83. MyBookmarks
  84. myHq
  85. MyLinkVault
  86. MyProgs
  88. Network Menus
  90. O Y A X
  91. Online Bookmark Manager
  92. PeerMark
  93. Powermarks
  95. ReaderĀ²
  96. Rollyo
  98. Save Your Links
  99. Searchles
  100. Segnalo
  101. Simpy
  102. SiteBar
  103. SiteJot
  104. sitetagger
  105. Smarking
  106. Social Bookmarking
  109. Start Aid
  110. Start
  111. StumbleUpon
  113. Tab Marks
  114. TagMos (Dutch)
  116. Trailfire
  119. Wazima
  120. Whitelinks
  121. Wiklink
  122. Wink
  124. Wists
  125. Womcat Bookmarks
  126. World Wide Wisdom
  127. wURLdBook
  128. Yahoo! Bookmarks
  129. Yahoo! My Web
  130. Yoono
  131. Zaadz
  132. Online Bookmarks
  133. Zurpy

Any social bookmarking sites missing or broken? Leave us a comment and let us know so we can keep this list up to date.

I Broke StumbleUpon!

I admit it! I did not mean to do it, it was an accident honest. I know I should not have been Stumbling when I should have been working. If I could take it back I would, please don’t be made at me. I don’t need 4 million plus users screaming at me.


I am sure I am not the only one to get this message today. Hopefully they will have it fixed soon. After all we all need out daily Stumbling fix don’t we.

Newbies Guide to Twitter

I am still not sure if I get Twitter, but I came across this Newbies Guide to Twitter over at I particularly liked this quote

Most people who see Twitter the first time either flat-out “get it,” or they say, “why bother?”

I have to admit I think I am in the “why bother” camp, but I am open to trying new things. I think I will give Twitter another look next week after my big project is done.

StumbleUpon Joining eBay

Well it was made official yesterday on the official StumbleUpon blog that my favourite service to find new and interesting websites has joined eBay. While the blog says things won’t change, you have to wonder what the executives over at eBay have in mind for StumbleUpon. Do I like the idea of eBay having access to my Stumbling habits?

If you check out the StumbleUpon reviews of the blog post you have a distinct feeling that the StumbleUpon user community is not very pleased with the whole idea of eBay owning StumbleUpon. Some of my favourite comments:

There goes the neighborhood.Surprise, surprise. “Rumors” indeed. Holy drama, look at the negative reviews flood in. I’m relatively proud of you worthless [email protected]##$$%^ right now.

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

There are some positive reviews as well, but I have to admit the negative ones are more fun to read. If the StumbleUpon blog post is correct we probably won’t see any changes. After all eBay owns Skype and they have not made any significant changes that the average user can see.

Twitter – Convince Me?

Everywhere I go I keep seeing posts and talk about Twitter. It was a post called “Get Your Content onto Twitter” that got me curious enough to check it out. I created an account, checked out TwitThis and twitterfeed and I was off and running.

I have to say, as first impressions go, Twitter has not made it into my good books. I find it full of useless, bit sized information. Sure you can find Digg and CNN on Twitter, but if I want to read Digg and CNN I can subscribe to the RSS feeds and get much more information quickly, instead of the little snippets.

Perhaps I just need to spend more time using Twitter before I can truly say I dislike it. After all it has not even been 24 hours. Is there a Twitter expert out there that can convince me of the value of Twitter and how to best use it?