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MozyHome Alternative

I am sure if you have stopped by here in the past and read a few posts you would know that I am a pretty hard core Mozy online backup fan. I have good reason to be, they have helped me keep my business data safe with MozyPro. I have survived a hard drive failure… Continue Reading

Rest in Peace

Yahoo’s stupidity continues with news that they are closing down Delicious. While not making many headline lately Delicious was a fantastic service that allowed people to bookmark websites so you could access them anywhere. I used to use Delicious regularly to save sites that I would find so I could access the bookmarks from anywhere.… Continue Reading

Dropbox Android App

There are some applications that I use all the time and has made my life easier. Dropbox is one of those applications that I mostly use to sync files between my main desktop and my laptop so I always have the latest version of the files I am working on. It is also great to… Continue Reading

Firefox CacheViewer Addon

I was reminded recently that I am human. I made a mistake and when I make a mistake it tends to be a big one. Now I am pretty paranoid about backing up data so when I discovered what I did I knew I would be able to restore pretty much everything from the backup… Continue Reading

What is My IP Address

Your IP Address Is:   It seems like I need this information at least once a day lately from one client or another so I thought I would make it easy for me to find. If you need to find your IP address often you might want to signup for a service like DynDNS that… Continue Reading

Dropbox Review

There are a number of tools that I use regularly and tend to take for granted, one of those tools is Dropbox. I have a desktop computer that I do the majority of my work on, but there are times when I meet with clients and I take my laptop. While I take transfer the… Continue Reading


Want to know what other websites someone else owns or works on? Thanks to SpyOnWeb you can get a pretty good idea of what other websites someone owns or is involved with. Just enter the URL of the website you want to know about and SpyOnWeb will return the other website names that are associated… Continue Reading

7 Easy to Use Document Sharing Websites

Sharing information is what the Internet is about. The problem is that not all information is easily made into HTML pages so it can be easily shared. The creation of easy to use content management systems has made it easier for anyone to become a web publisher, but there are still times when it is… Continue Reading

Online Invoicing: FreshBooks or Cashboard?

I tweeted recently that I was doing my invoicing and that I needed to find another way of doing it. Two suggestions I got from people were FreshBooks and Cashboard. I checked out both and signed up for the free trials. Feature wise both FreshBooks and Cashboard offer similar things. Invoicing, recurring invoicing, time tracking,… Continue Reading

URL Shorteners

There has been a lot of talk recently about URL shorteners ever since the DiggBar was released. While reactions to the DiggBar are mixed I do have some concerns over the use of frames. I remember creating websites using frames and some of the problems it created. I am also surprised at some of the… Continue Reading