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Color Scheme Designer

I have talked about my problems picking colours in the past. Fortunately I have found several tools that can help me, and today I found another one. Color Scheme Designer is a Javascript, browser based application that you can use to create colour schemes based on the various colour rules (are they rules?), such as… Continue Reading

9 Website Thumbnail Generators

When I need a website thumbnail I usually just view the website in my favourite web browser (Firefox of course), press F11 to switch to full screen mode and press the PrintScreen key to take a screenshot that I can then open in Photoshop or the Gimp depending on what computer I am on. There… Continue Reading

MozyServerError6 and VSS Writers

I like Mozy online backup, as you have probably guessed. I liked Mozy so much that I started offering it as a backup solution to clients and it has worked great. There has been the occasional hiccup but just small things that a quick email to support could solve. Recently though I had a larger… Continue Reading

A Better Internet – OpenDNS

One of the things I have discovered working on the Internet is that DNS changes take time. I have seen changes to a nameserver take up to 48 hours to start to resolve here in Saskatchewan. I know that it is not the case for the rest of the world because using a web proxy… Continue Reading

Add a Google Website Search

One of the things I have had on my to do list was to replace the WordPress search with the Google Custom search. The WordPress search gives decent search results, but it is hard to compete with the accuracy of Google website search. I was reminded about that today when I was searching for a… Continue Reading

Use Google Alerts to Help Build Links

I talked a little while ago about how link building is dead. The whole point of the post was that the method some people and businesses go about building links is, to be blunt, stupid. Shortly after I created that post there was a great post over at SearchEngineLand entitled “Conversation With An Idiot Link… Continue Reading

Smush It!

Optimizing images for the Internet can be a pain staking task to make the image as small as possible while still making it look as good as it can. Back in the day when everyone was on dialup web developers used to spend lots of time to make sure those images were as small as… Continue Reading

Know Everything About a Website

I talked about how to find out what websites are running on the same server before by using a tool called YouGetSignal. If you want to know more about a website though I recently came across Quarkbase. There tag line is “everything about a website” and the results are impressive. The website does give you… Continue Reading

Jott Promo Code

Ever since Jott left beta I have noticed an increase in traffic here of people searching for a Jott promo code to save a few dollars on their Jott subscription. I like Jott, don’t know if I will be signing up for Jott Pro quite yet. I just don’t use it that much, but if… Continue Reading