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FeedBurner Status and 502 Error

FeedBurner logoOne of the things I did last week was migrate my feeds to Google from FeedBurner. For the most part things went smoothly, although subscriber stats are still low. Ironically it appears that all of the Google Reader subscriber numbers have been missing since the move. FeedBurner would often drop those numbers so it was not surprising that they are still having problems with them now that I have my feeds at Google.

One of the things I was not expecting switching my feeds over to Google was a 502 error. Thankfully it only appears to have lasted for a day, but I have read that some people are having more issues with the 502 error. If you have migrated your FeedBurner feeds to Google you might want to subscribe to the new The FeedBurner Status Blog. You can get recent information on the status of FeedBurner, including a work around to try if you are getting the 502 error.

If you use AdSense for Feeds you might already be subscribed to the AdSense for Feeds blog. They have a post talking about the 502 error as well.

iPhone3G Destroyed

I would usually post this video over at my Video Rambler blog, but the computer geek in me just feels I need to post it here. With the launch of the iPhone3G yesterday it seemed like everyone had some kind of post about the new iPhone. I admit the new iPhone looks very cool, but… Continue Reading

Happy Canada Day!

Hope everyone is having a great day across Canada! I am actually out enjoying one of Canada’s great National Parks. If you want to know more about Canada Day Wikipedia does have a decent entry about it. Hope it is a beautiful day where ever you are in this great country and that you are… Continue Reading

I’m Moving!

The news is official, my wife has accepted a new position at Christ Lutheran Church in Regina Saskatchewan as an Assistant Pastor. As a result I will be moving my office from Rosthern Saskatchewan to Regina Saskatchewan during the summer. If you are one of my fantastic clients you should have gotten an email with… Continue Reading

Simply Accounting Backup

I could go on at length about my dislike for Simply Accounting, but I will spare you my ranting about the product. It is enough to know that I have had clients that have had bad experiences with it, usually because their data file will go corrupt and something went wrong with the backup. I… Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are all having a great day! It is still snowy here but spring is around the corner. With the spring just around the corner I decided to change the theme here on LGR Webmaster Blog. I wanted to start using a theme that was widget enabled and was very clean.… Continue Reading

SaskTel Email Sucks

I don’t think I gripe on this blog very often, but I have had so many problems with SaskTel email in the last month or two that I just have to gripe. For those that read this blog not from Saskatchewan you might not know much about SaskTel. SaskTel is the telecommunications company here in… Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

If you have been around here for a little while you might remember me talking about the wi-fi detector shirt from ThinkGeek before Christmas. Thanks to a loving wife and a very determined sister in-law I actually got it for Christmas! I have to say it is the coolest geek shirt I own. I have not… Continue Reading


In a totally unrelated post that has very little to do with anything else on this blog, I StumbledUpon these videos earlier today and they made me laugh. Nothing like turning the tables in the PC vs. Mac commercials. I think the Money one is my favourite. Hope they give you a smile. At Work… Continue Reading

Newest Gadget

I was responsible for coming up with the Thoughts post over at Epiblogger last Wednesday. One of the things I put on the list was to talk about your newest gadget. I wanted to write this last week, but just never got around to it until today. We have a new gadget around our house.… Continue Reading