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Add Interactivity with Google Maps

Writing for two blogs gets confusing sometimes. I post stuff over at Epiblogger that I really want to post here. This time I wrote a post about how to add Google Maps to your blog. Fortunately you can use the Google My Maps feature on any site so it is not restricted to just blogging.… Continue Reading

Include, Include_once, Require, Require_once

I have been working with several new clients lately, mostly helping them update their websites with new content. Most of these websites were created by other companies or individuals and I am always amazed at how people create websites. One of the things that I am always amazed at is why people don’t take advantage… Continue Reading

Google Hosting AJAX Frameworks

The title does not do this post justice, but perhaps that is becuase only web developers will get excited about this. One of the things about creating websites using AJAX is the size of the Javascript frameworks that need to be loaded into the site so the user can use the website. Sure you can… Continue Reading


I have talked about Lightbox and other Lightbox like Javascripts before, and I wanted to add another one I just found to the mix for you. I StumbledUpon Shadowbox yesterday and almost clicked away as fast as i got there but something in the description caught my eye: “Standards”. I then read a little further… Continue Reading

Fade Out Bottom

I was browsing around today and came across this neat effect that makes the bottom look like it fades out to the background colour. I don’t know if I would ever use something like this but I like the effect. It uses a PNG image with an alpha layer positioned in a DIV tag at… Continue Reading

The Mobile Web

I recently bought a new cell phone. I usually just get the basic normal cell phone without a lot of extra features, but this time I splurged and got more of a gadget phone. I bought a Nokia 6275i on the PC Mobility network. For those that read my blog that are not from Canada… Continue Reading

Opening Links

I had a discussion today about how to open external links on a website. The question is, do you open external links in the same browser or do you open them in a new browser window? I have to admit I hate it when websites open links in new windows. I find it as annoying… Continue Reading

Trackback Spam on the Rise

Anyone else notice a rise in trackback spam recently or is it just me they feel like picking on? The last few days I have been getting upwards of 50 trackback spams. Thanks to Akismet I have not seen any of them go through, but I decided that I was tired of deleting it and… Continue Reading

Spiffy Corners

It seems like I am always looking for a new way of creating rounded corners for designs. I usually just take the easy way out and use images. In my search this time around I came across a website called Spiffy Corners. Spiffy Corners is a generator that will create the html and css needed… Continue Reading