ClassicPress Compatible with Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization

I am a big fan of Cloudflare, if you had not known that by my previous posts on them. In Friday October 10 2020, during their Birthday week celebration announcements they released a new feature called Automatic Platform Optimization. This new feature is targeted specifically at WordPress users, which is understandable, WordPress websites account for 30ish% of the worlds Internet websites.

While I am no longer a big fan or user of WordPress, for many reasons, there is good news about this new feature from Cloudflare for ClassicPress users. The Cloudflare WordPress plugin is compatible with ClassicPress and this new feature works perfectly with ClassicPress 1.2.0.

This is not entirely surprising considering that ClassicPress is forked from WordPress 4.9, but it is good news for those of us that use ClassicPress to know that we too can just use this new CloudFlare feature simply by turning it on if you have the CloudFlare plugin installed. If you already have a paid Cloudflare account it will be included in your plan. Free Cloudflare users will need to pay $5.00/month for the new feature.

How well does Automatic Platform Optimization work? It has only been a few days but in my testing I have seen considerable speed increase for my ClassicPress websites on Cloudflare. The time to first byte is considerably faster offering a faster response time for users around the globe.

If you are already a ClassicPress user with a Cloudflare paid plan I highly suggest you give this feature a try. If you are a Cloudflare free user this one new feature from Cloudflare is a good reason to either subscribe to a paid plan or just for the Automatic Platform Optimization feature. Your users will notice a difference very quickly.

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