Bye Cloudflare, Your Support Sucks!

I have been a customer of Cloudflare in some shape or form since 2011. I started like most do using the free plan that they offer. I have been a Pro customer since at least 2016, possibly longer but that is as far back as I could look up invoices. Not only am I a customer but I would refer and setup clients on Cloudflare regularly. It became a part of what I offered clients to help speed up and protect their websites. After Cloudflare went public I found some extra money and bought stock because it was a company I liked and believed in.

With this in mind I have to say I am less than impressed with Cloudflare at the moment. It started 15 days ago when I went to downgrade the account for this domain. I no longer needed a Pro account for this domain. I don’t host it on a server any longer and the many extra features I was paying for a Pro account simply did not exist anymore, the Free plan would be fine for this domain and my hobby.

Well little did I know that would not be possible. I tried to change the plan in the Cloudflare dashboard, no luck. All I get is error 1000. Searching the community help returned nothing that was helpful. Time to open a ticket. I thought they would have this solved in no time. Well 15 days later, and $240 in a new charge for a year and I am still waiting. I am tired of waiting. I am now in the process of setting up this domain on Netlify. I will setup this site on Netlify and remove it from Cloudflare and sort out trying to get my money back from Cloudflare after that.

Sad to see a company that I thought tried to do its best to help customers fall. But I suppose the majority of them do eventually. Bye Cloudflare!

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