Color Combinations

I have to admit that I always struggle with getting good color combinations for websites. I often will change colors several times before I decide on what color combination I want to stick with. Things have gotten easier the last few years though because of some very cool web tools out there to help people who are color deficient.

Colors on the Web
This site offers so much for those interested in colors, including color theory. Make sure you check out the color wizard. It is the most comprehensive color tool that I have found. Many great features and it will give you complete color schemes you can use. Excellent tool!

Color Schemer
This is a great web tool for finding colors that that work with that one color that you know you want. It offers a quick and easy interface and lots of colors that will match with your one color. I find it will still take some work to find the right colors.

Palette Man
When you need a quick color combination for a website this site fits the bill perfectly. It has several color themes already set. I find it great to just pick a color theme and make it lighter or darker just to get going quickly.

These online tools have made it much easier to help pick colors for your website. Don’t forget to experiment a little though to make your site your own.

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