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I have been pretty relaxed about comments here, even after attempting to make a comment policy I have been able to keep the automated comment spam at bay.

Lately I have had a higher than usual amount of keyword comment spam being submitting by people attempting to get a dofollow link using their keywords. This is a direct result of some blogs publishing dofollow lists of blogs. At one time this blog was using the DoFollow plugin that removed nofollow on comments. While I still believe in the DoFollow movement I switched to LinkLove to remove nofollow from people who are regular contributors. I am happy those that regularly contribute to the site with some linklove.

Anyways I have decided to make a comment policy. It is short and simple and easy to find, right below the comment form. Here it is as well for those that want to see it.

My Comment Policy: I moderate comments. Please be patient:

  • Spam will happily be destroyed.
  • Use your real name, not some keywords. Otherwise it will be destroyed.
  • Mean comments aren’t necessary.
  • Lewd comments will be edited, I don’t want my readers leaving because of offensive content.
  • Great debate, ideas, criticism and colorful commentary is always appreciated and approved!

I don’t know if it will reduce the number of spammy comments I have been getting lately but now people have been told. Do you have a comment policy on your blog? Is there anything else you would recommend I add to mine?

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