Commenting on LGR Webmaster Blog and Blogger Commenting Update

I really enjoy getting comments on the posts here, and I remove nofollow from the comments because I think people that comment should have some link love. One of the other reasons I enjoy comments is to get to know people and have conversations with those that do take the time to comment.

Things I dislike about comments. People that stuff the name field with their keywords for their website. I know I have let some of them go in the past, but I dislike the top commentators list being stuffed full of keywords, so you have a choice. You can use your name or nickname and have your comments approved, or you can use your keywords and take your chances that I will either do one of two things. Mark it as spam and delete it or I will edit it and make the name field Anonymous. What I do will depend on how good your comment is and what kind of mood I am in.

Also I blasted Blogger earlier in the week.

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