Custom Post Type Sticky Posts

Sticky Custom Post Types A project I was working on today uses custom post types for part of the content of the website. In this case though some posts in the custom post type need to be sticky. Well the client did not call it that but in the end that is what they described, those posts need to be at the top of the list when readers browse that section of the website and it needs to be easy for them to be able to change the sticky posts easily.

The site is using the Pods Framework to create the custom post type and I thought I must have missed the option to turn sticky posts on but after some searching I came to the conclusion I did not miss it, it is not there. I then went looking for a way to enable sticky posts for custom post types.

Thankfully the WordPress community often has a plugin that can solve problems like this and a quick search in the WordPress plugin directory and I found the Sticky Custom Post Types. Once the plugin was installed it was just a simple matter of going to Settings ? Reading and turning sticky posts on the custom post type I needed them on.

The plugin has not been updated for over a year but it is still working as expected when I installed it today. My client can now select sticky posts for their custom post type content and if they decide to use it on another custom post type they will have no problem turning it on or off.

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