DiggBar - Create Easy Short URL's

While I am not a huge fan of Digg, I have been playing with the new DiggBar that was released today and I can see it becoming popular. The bar itself does not require an installation, and makes it easy for people to shorten URL’s for Twitter and if the page had already been submitted to Digg then you can Digg it up easily. In many ways the bar reminds me of the web version of StumbleUpon with the added bonus that you can shorten the URL.

The random button will take you to another URL that has been submitted to Digg. If you are logged into Digg you can Digg the story up or bury it. It makes Digg as easy to use as StumbleUpon, which should be good for Digg. It might even help Digger’s to actually read the pages before the Digg them or Bury them. I could see myself using the DiggBar occasionally to just check what is popular on Digg without having to visit the Digg site because there are no ads that open without clicking, yet.

The thing I do like best about the DiggBar is how you create a short URL. Just type digg.com/ in front of the URL in your address bar and it is magically transformed into a short URL that you can use on Twitter. It is a simple thing that makes me wonder why other URL shortener services have not picked up on yet. I am sure it will be one the list of many soon.

Here is demo product video showing you all the features.
DiggBar from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

So what do you think, will you start using the DiggBar to shorten your URL’s for Twitter and sharing on Facebook? Will you start using the DiggBar instead of StumbleUpon?

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