Directories are Dead

I have been seeing lots of advertising for the Best of the Web directory lately and I started to wonder if anyone actually uses web directories anymore. Personally, I don’t think I have used a directory for surfing for years. The only reason I ever use a directory is mainly to find the proper category to submit a website too.

directories-dead.jpgI also took a look through the referral logs for several websites that I work on for clients that I know are in the DMOZ directory and the grand total of referrals from DMOZ is less than 25 for the year! Considering the controversy that DMOZ has had, the fact that Yahoo has removed the directory from the home page and not even placed a prominent link to it on the home page, and since Google recently penalized a number of general topic web directories can we safely say that directories are dead?

When was the last time you used a directory to find a website?

3 Responses to Directories are Dead

  1. Directories are not dead, they just become food for Google to eat. Actually Google and other search engines has grown too big and took over directories. Mean while most directories are useless because… even I never look for something in the DMOZ. It’s just too big and out-of-date. However, niche directories, I believe still worth growing. In fact, something like and really could be success stories.

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