Domain Name Parking at Namedrive

I don’t have a lot of domain names that I am not doing something with, but I have a few. I had most of them parked over at Sedo, I thought I might be able to make a few cents off of them if people, for some reason, typed in the name. Well in about two years I think I made $1.00. I was not planning on making money off of them but that is an average of $.50/year. I came across another domain parking service the other day thanks to DigitalPoint Forums called NameDrive and I thought I would try them out. Well within 48 hours of parking one of my newly acquired domains there I was pleasantly surprised to have an offer from someone to buy the domain.

I have since moved the majority of my parked domains over to NameDrive and have been very happy with the service and what they do with the domains. The service is easy to use and you can choose from several themes for your parking pages, as well as choosing an appropriate category. The parking pages themselves are like simple one page websites. Certainly a lot faster to park a domain there than to quickly put up a simple parking page myself. If you have domains that you are not doing anything with and are just parked give NameDrive (affiliate link) a try. I have been very happy so far.

Here are a couple of the domains I have parked over there if you want a sample of what they look like:

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