Domain Registration Mistake

One of the services I provide to my clients is domain name registration. When I register a domain for a client I make sure that I return to the client a user name and password that will allow them to edit their domain name settings, including transferring it to another registrar, changing name servers and all of the other settings that can be done at other domain registrars such as GoDaddy.

The reason I provide that information to clients is because I believe that they have a right to have that information. Not all web developers will do this, some will register the domain name for you but will list themselves as the administrative contact which means that if you decide you want to move to a new developer, or a new server, you might not be able to take the domain with you, or you might have to deal with a huge headache with your former developer or hosting company.

I am always running into instances where new clients want me to do some work for them on their website, including transferring their website to a new server and they are then held captive by the company that registered the domain name for them. If you are new to the Internet and are getting a domain name registered make sure that the company that does it for you does it properly, listing you as the owner and administrative contact and they give you a web address and user name and password so you can edit the settings. If you are not new to the Internet register your own domains, this gives you the flexibility to move your website or blog to a new host if you find a package that suits you better.

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