Domain Registry of Canada

The Domain Registry of Canada sounds like such an official name doesn’t it? It sounds like they have some authority over website domains in Canada. That could not be further from the truth. The truth is they are a company that sends out domain name expiration notice letters to domain name holders to transfer their domains away for their current registrar to them.

Now I know what they are doing is probably quite legal since they talk about transferring the name etc, but there is something about it that stinks. The first is the fact that they make themselves sound so official, and the talk about transferring the name is in the copy, and face it people don’t read very well. The second is that many people that have websites and domains don’t know who their registrar is. They hired a company to make them a website and got a domain with it. They might not know that the company that did the website for them is also their registrar, so this company. Third, and this is the most important one, their prices STINK! $40.00/year for a domain name! Maybe back in the 90’s! Heck, for what they charge per year you could register four domains at GoDaddy. Even I out price them at $20.00/year and I will manage it for you!

Well that is my word of warning to all of my clients out there and here is my advice of what you should do if you get a letter from the Domain Registry of Canada. Don’t even bother opening it and just through it straight into the paper recycle bin!

Want to know what the letter looks like? Here is the one I got recently. Looks so official doesn’t it?

Domain Registry of Canada

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