Don’t Forget to Check That Older Browser

It happened to me again. I updated a site and did not go and check what it looked like in an older version of Internet Explorer on Windows 98. It does not matter how long you have been doing web updates, and how simple the updates are, somethings just do not work properly in some web browsers, which means you have to test in multiple browsers on multiple operating systems. That is one thing that makes web design challenging at times.

One site that can help you check sites and stop mistakes from happening is browsershots. Although, I did not see any options tonight to take screen shots of Internet Explorer, I know I have used it in the past and had Internet Explorer options.

If you regularly need to check what websites look like on multiple operating systems and web browsers and have the money you also might want to take a look at browsercam. They offer subscription plans from one day to one year and offer screen shots on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. I used them once and they are an excellent service.

So a reminder to check your web designs on those other systems, you never know when something that should be simple will break a page.

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