Dumb Link Builder Comment

It seems like I have been posting a lot about link building lately. I don’t know why, perhaps it is the constant dumb emails I have been getting for link exchanges but recently I got not just emails for dumb link exchanges, I have even gotten dumb comments. You are probably thinking “Lee you deserve it, you keep telling people that leaving comments is a good way of getting links”. Sure leaving comments is a good way of getting links and building traffic, but remember I also have said that you should leave good comments that help contribute to the conversation so it does not get marked as spam.

Here is the comment I got on my post about using Google Alerts to help build links.

Hello if you would like to exchange links, please go to http://www. somewebsite.com /pages/linkexchange/form.html it is a small form, once you fill it in you will get a new inbound link instantly.

The funny thing is, in the log files it looked like they used Google Alerts to find out about that post and then came and spammed my blog looking for a link exchange. If they had actually read the post and added something decent to the comments they could have earned a link. Instead they spammed my blog, got marked as spam with Akismet and the comment and link were deleted.

I appreciate the comments I get here on the blog. I have learnt new things, found new and interesting websites and have found new blogs that I have subscribed to. If all you are out to do in commenting is to push your own website for a link like that then you will fail. You need to give something first before getting. I appreciate the people who comment regularly and I remove the nofollow for regular commentators as a reward for their time. People just have to learn how to play nice.

I am curious, what is the dumbest comment you have gotten on your blog?

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