Easy Money!

I am always being asked by people how they can make easy money on the internet. My response to them is that they can make money on the internet but like most things in life it is never easy. Making money on the internet is just as hard, if not harder, as it is in other lines of business. There is no easy money to be made, only money that comes from hard work and more hard work. People believe that making money on the internet is easy because they see the get rich quick schemes offered on Ebay or found by doing searches on Google for phrases such as “Easy Money” or they have heard about “The Rich Jerk” and how he made millions.

Well here is the scoop folks. If you want to make money on the internet you will need to work at it. Don’t be fooled by those flashy get rich quick schemes with lots of ad copy and testimonials. They are there to do one thing, make money for themselves, not teach you how to make money. So if you want to make money on the internet here is my advice in plain and simple language.

Find Your Passion

What interests you? What do you enjoy doing as a hobby? What do you love? Everyone has something that they like doing and enjoy. The best place to start making money on the internet is to find out what you like. As my father used to tell me, if you do what you love it is not work. For me it is computers and the internet. What is yours? Movies, books, cats, dogs, people, video games? Find your passion and let others know about it.

Learn, Learn and Learn

There is a lot of great communities out there that can help you learn how to turn your passion into a money making website. Look for forums and communities that are related to your passion, but also look for sound advice from web master forums. One of my favourite web master forums is Digital Point Forums. There are many great people there and some very good advice.

Write, Write and Write

Websites don’t create themselves. Blogs require regular writing. It used to be that you could create a website once and not update it for a year or two. Not anymore! Of course your writing might not be writing. If your passion is playing music, your writing might be adding new music tracks. Podcasters write by creating new audio broadcasts. Photographers add new photos. The key is to add new content on a regular basis.


There are many ways to monetize websites. I have a post planned on all the different ways that you can monetize your website, so I will leave this point short because it deserves it own post.


Most people have several things they are passionate about. There is no reason you can’t turn more than one of your passions into a money making hobby on the internet.

Enjoy yourself and your site will be a success, and the work you put into the site will not be work, but a joy!

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