Email Website Promotion

Everyone has email, in fact email is one of the main reasons people have an Internet connection in the first place. People understand email, it is easy to use and lets them stay in touch with friends, family and get the information that they are looking for. Email is also one of the best ways to promote your website. I am not talking about buying some email list purchased from some email scrapper on a web forum, but some simple additions to the things you already do.

Email Signature

Just think about all of the emails that you send out everyday, each one of those emails can help to remind people that you have a website and can help people find you. Emails are often forwarded to others giving your email signature even more exposure.

Email This

Social bookmarking and networking website icons and links grace the bottom of most blog posts and pages these days, but don’t forget the email this link. While social bookmarking and networking is popular it still does not have the reach of email. If people like your website giving them the option to email the URL to someone is a great traffic builder. I know my Video Rambler blog gets regular referral traffic from people emailing the posts to their friends.

Feedburner Email Subscriptions

I love RSS but it is not for everyone. Thankfully Feedburner offers a RSS to email service to allow people to subscribe to your blog RSS feed by email. Update your blog with a new post and it is automatically emailed out to all of your RSS email subscribers. I use the free Feedburner RSS to email service for this blog. It takes care of the basics and is easy to setup. You are welcome to subscribe if you would like to see what it looks like. Emails are delivered around 3:00am CST.

Build an Email List

Creating and owning your own email list to promote your website is the best method. You know the email list was created properly and there are some very good companies out there to you can use to manage your email list. The three email marketing companies that I have heard and read good things about are AWeber, iContact and Constant Contact. You might want to give those a try first.

Promoting your website with email is still an excellent and inexpensive marketing method. Simply by adding your website URL to your email signatures, making it easy for people to share your website with a mail this link and creating your own email list will pay off. By using good email marketing list companies you will know the list is created appropriately and will be easy to manage, but even using the Feedburner RSS to email list is a great start to email list marketing.

What email marketing techniques do you use that have helped to promote your website?

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