Announcing Epiblogger!

I am very pleased to announce that the next project for Soveran and Robertson Internet Publishers is finally off the ground and ready for the world to start taking part in. EpiBlogger - The organic center of blogging! is our new group blog focusing on all aspects of blogging.

[EpibloggerRhett, being the great writer he is, will be focusing on challenging readers to become better writers and to help people find new and better ways of expressing themselves through blogging. I will be tackling the more technical aspects of blogging including tips and tricks to work with WordPress and other ways to improve your blog.

One of the features that we are very excited about on EpiBlogger is the “Take a Thought…or Leave One” feature. The idea is simple. Come and be inspired and challenged to write a post on a thought. If you have a great idea and want others to try it out leave it behind for others to write about. Think of it as a perpetual group writing project where you can come and get ideas for your blog or share them with others.

I invite you to come and take part in EpiBlogger! Come and be inspired, challenged and share how to be a better blogger.

P.S. Who knows, maybe Rhett will even be able to make me a better writer.

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