Firefox 3 and FireNES

I got back from vacation a few days ago and it is always a little hard to get right back to work after a holiday. I found my mind kept wandering during the day and I ended up playing with Firefox 3 a little more. I have been using it in beta since I upgraded my Ubuntu Linux system, but today I found a great reason why you should upgrade to Firefox 3 and it has absolutely nothing to do with work!

If you have Firefox 3 and Java installed then you need to check out FireNES. (Google English translation). You can play 2000 games right in your browser. Just install the extension, restart Firefox 3 and goto Tools->FireNes. A menu will open on your sidebar with the games that are available. You will have so many games to play you will end up no getting anything done all day long.

I did not try the extension on Windows but I suspect it would run better on a Windows machine, because I always had trouble finding out what keys did what in the games. Overall it was a lot of fun, but I think I will have to uninstall the addon so I can get more work done. Give the extension a try if you have the time and want to play a little. The games sure brought back some memories of hanging out in the arcade and wasting quarters.

Mario bros.

Pac Man

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