Five Dollar Wiki Offering Free Pages to Bloggers

First there was the Million Dollar Wiki and now there is the Five Dollar Wiki. The Five Dollar Wiki offers a similar service, but you don’t need to cough up a $100.00 for a page, but only $5.00 for a page, so it is affordable for everyone. Who can’t find $5.00 in their PayPal account. If you are Canadian it is even less now that our dollar is so high.

If you are a blogger though you can save yourself the $5.00 for a page on the Five Dollar Wiki by simply creating a blog post and linking to the site just like I have done in this post. Check out the details on the FiveDollarWiki blog post. Never hurts to have a page, and if you can get it for free why not. Pick the right page and you can maybe make a few dollars when you are able to resell the pages.

I know they are just trying to create some buzz about the site, but I just can’t resist a free page.

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